Armenta — Honduras

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The Armenta Water Distribution Project


  • Project Adopted on January 7th, 2012.
  • Directly affects 4,000 people. Indirectly affects 9,000.
  • Funds needed: $80,000

The Need

Homes in the village of Armenta only receive water one day a week.  In addition the medical center that treats both people and animals often goes without water for days, greatly hampering their ability to adequately serve the community.  The people we visited are allowed to fill up their pillas (home water storage facility) one day a week.  They draw all water for drinking, preparing food, laundry, bathing, sanitation, etc, from that single home storage source throughout the week.

Project Scope

The goal of our site assessment trip will be to gather all information necessary to develop a Master Water Plan for the community.  This will include recommended enhancements to their existing Water Program including things like; developing ways to improve maintenance and capital fund generation, improved water distribution layout and monitoring practices, maintenance education and a physical implementation of a phased-in improved water distribution system to meet their current water needs as well as make provision for future expansion.

Future Involvement

We have already built a pedestrian bridge for this community over another waterway that previously divided the community in half.  We’ve also helped them install a 55,000 gallon water tank and new transmission lines.  Beyond this project we are working with the community to kick off the Hygiene Training Program. Community members have already embraced this new program and are running with it.