Chicago Eco House

Chicago Eco House

The Chicago Eco House is a nonprofit with the mission of alleviating poverty with sustainability practices in Chicago’s impoverished neighborhoods. EWB Chicagoland Professionals is acting as a sustainability consultant by aiding in the design of rain-water, solar-powered irrigation systems for the Eco House’s urban farms. We are also working on getting the Eco House rocking and rolling with CAD software to use with their 3D printing business.

Looking Forward

The next three months will be winter months, so we will be focusing on the CAD portion of this project: training Eco House’s kids in the use of CAD. The only travel requirement is getting to Chicago’s Englewood neighborhood. Travel by car is recommended. A meeting to discuss CAD training will be held at a TBD date.


Want to Volunteer?

CAD Instructor: Chicago Eco House will need a CAD Instructor to teach the students how turn their ideas into a design and then see them through the 3D printing process.


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