Canchias – Honduras

This project was completed in 2011. The Canchias Agricultural Bridge Project has an archived web site, viewed at

Through the resources of the NGO, Heart to Honduras has purchased and made available 110 acres of land for the people of Canchias and surrounding communities to use as agricultural and dairy land. Unfortunately, because the region is so mountainous, this land is only accessible by crossing the Yure River. While a footbridge is present, it is unstable for the farmers who have to carry heavy loads and dangerous for children carrying the free dairy products back to their schools.

In addition, while the river can be forded during the six month long dry season and a few months out of the rainy season, crossing through the river often causes expensive damage to the underside of wheeled vehicles and is dangerous for fully loaded beasts of burden.

The community of Canchias has therefore requested the assistance of EWB to work with them to design and build and 120’ vehicle bridge over the Yure River to access what has become known as “The Promised Land”.

In February and August of 2009, EWB Chicago visited this community. The team heard first-hand stories of how people had fallen off the bridge while carrying heavy loads. 686 people living near to the proposed crossing will be directly affected by this new bridge. Year-round access to an existing dairy farm provided by the Rotary Foundation will allow herd production to increase from 46 head of cattle to over 200.

This will allow more schools in the area to receive free milk. In addition, farmers will be able to increase crop production, purchase vehicles to transport crops to market and thereby raise the region’s nutritional levels and economic stability for generations to come.

It is hoped that the 120’ vehicle bridge can be built prior to next year’s rainy season. Target construction dates are March through May of 2010. The community of Canchias has eagerly agreed to volunteer all necessary manpower, gather and store materials, and provide any required pre-construction work, such as the construction of cofferdams prior to EWB arrival. The community of Canchias is united in the hope of this project becoming a reality and eagerly anticipates EWB support.

As of March of 2011, the project team involved with the Canchias, Honduras bridge is in the midst of the “phase 2? implementation trips. The bridge is scheduled for completion in early May and the project crew has been on-site for almost six straight weeks.


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