Los Alas – El Salvador

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Four communities situated peacefully in the beautiful, hilly, underdeveloped northern region of El Salvador are working with and relying on EWB’s support. These communities – Los Alas, La Loma, Las Minas, and El Caulote – lying in the department of Chalatenango, are filled with motivated residents in need of help. The remoteness of the region and lack of urban development has discouraged capital investments in potable water supply structures. The majority of community members suffer from water shortages, many going for weeks at a time without running water.  During the shortages, these residents rely on either their neighbors or near-by surface water, which may not even be sufficient, especially during the dry season.  In addition, the existing water sources are contaminated with varying degrees of bacteria.  Some residents, especially children, suffer from parasites and other water-related health issues.

Our team is working to design and implement a reliable, sufficient, and uncontaminated supply of clean water for in-home use. Taking advantage of an existing mountain top spring box, we will design and construct a 6.8 kilometer pipeline and storage tanks to provide easy access to clean, potable water all year round!