Mayanja-Kibuke — Kenya

Project Logistics

  • Project Type: Water Protection
  • Adoption Date: August 2010.
  • Planning for implementation project in January 2013.
  • Directly Affects: All local residents who drink from these contaminated water sources.  Protecting natural spring water sources will reduce the number of diseases and deaths contracted by the local residents.  Ensuring sufficient water is available throughout the region during wet and dry seasons will reduce the amount of time walking extended distances to find available water during the dry season.
  • Indirectly Affects: Success and prosperity of all of Kenya.
  • Funds Needed: $20,000

Project Scope:

The second implementation trip in 2013 shall focus on improving spring box design and implementation in the region. In addition, an appropriate location for pumped water storage shall investigated.  Spring boxes filter and deliver water freely 24/7.  The water that would be otherwise wasted during off-peak hours shall be pumped to storage tanks and used during peak hours via gravity distribution.

Future Involvement:

EWB is entering the 3rd year of their 5 year commitment to this region.  In addition to continue to help provide water during the dry season and protect existing water sources, small water distribution systems shall be pursued where appropriate.

Call for Volunteers:

Water/Civil Engineers, Masons, Experience with Springbox design, pumped storage using hydraulic ram pumps. Also a need for people to help write reports, help plan fundraising events, and liaisons to other CPC-EWB project committees.