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The Ak’Tenamit community in Eastern Guatemala includes vocational middle and high schools, residential facilities, health clinic, farm, fair trade store, and restaurant. Engineers Without Borders (EWB) is partnering with Ak’Tenamit to improve community sanitation, water quality, and energy supply.



Armenta, a community of ~ 2000 people in NW Honduras, is in need of a new water distribution system as their old system is damaged and insufficient for their growing community.

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Candelaria, like many communities in Honduras, suffers from a shortage of jobs and an abundance of garbage. But unlike other communities, Candelarians wanted to know if there were other things they could do with their waste, aside from just burying it.


Los Alas

Los Alas, one of four communities in the beautiful hilly underdeveloped northern region of  El Salvador, needs access to clean water. The majority of community members suffer from water shortages, many going weeks at a time without running water. Donate to help provide dependable water to four separate communities. The project team needs fundsto install a series of storage tanks and a conduction line.


West Pullmam


West Pullman Map